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Linear Dynamics is a critical part of understanding the real world response of structures.  The powerful *MODAL DYNAMICS, *STEADY STATE DYNAMICS and *RANDOM RESPONSE capabilities in Abaqus performs these critical calculations.  Unfortunately, examining the results in an interactive fashion is challenging with Abaqus/CAE.

True-LDE solves this through an intuitive UI that allows the analyst to filter modes based on percent modal mass and modal participation function (aka GUI) amplitude.  The user can interactively query any node or element in the model for XY plots of the response.  In addition, full field results can be calculated for any subset of the time domain.

An important feature of True-LDE is that the effects of pre-load can be optionally included in any of the calculations.  This feature is available for the interface to fe-safe(r) as well.  The influence of pre-load can be critical to the durability of structures.  No other linear dynamics tool provides an easy method for including pre-load the way True-LDE does.