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Wolf Star Technologies Celebrating 10 Years
The entire team at Wolf Star Technologies is beyond excited to be celebrating 10 years of bringing True-Load to innovative engineering and product development teams across the globe!
We welcome you to join us as we share insights, stories and inspiration over the next year.
Tim's True-Load World Tour
Where will he go next?
Catch up with the innovations and partnerships that have made Wolf Star Technologies thrive over the past decade in these features on The SIMULIA Blog andThe SIEMENS Blog.
Fun Facts about the Wolf Star Technologies Team!
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Wolf Star Technologies Team
We all need energy. It gives us the ability to stay motivated, focused and productive. The Wolf Star Team shared the top two things that fuel their work day.

The first, not surprisingly, is coffee! Not only can your daily cup of joe help you feel more energized, burn fat and improve physical performance, it may also boost longevity.

The second is the leadership culture that Tim Hunter established at Wolf Star from DAY 1! Tim’s energy, curiosity and genuine thirst to help others flows into all aspects of the Wolf Star culture.
Women are our source of strength! This year for International Women’s Day we are celebrating the women of Wolf Star. We believe in the diverse and innate qualities of our all-female team – agile qualities which are changing the status quo.

These capabilities are a balance of intuition, nurturing, empathy, a sense of compassion, creativity, patience, diversity of mindset, thought process and problem solving approaches
– all of which strengthen our entire way of doing business at Wolf Star.
Just like your favorite dish, we start with only the best ingredients, our people.

We carefully combine individual strengths including engineering, business development, sales, marketing and technology to create a unique experience that not only leaves our customers satisfied but keeps them coming back for more.

You might even say, “Our team is our recipe for success.”
"Many say I am an engineer to the core – I prefer to think of myself as an inventor. As an inventor
I’m not always creating something new, rather I am searching for new possibilitie to advance existing thinking and technologies. I have the ability to look at how things need to work and how to bridge from the current state to the needed solution. My True-Load™ software is one such invention."
"I have traveled to 12 countries and 81 cities (the equivalent of 7.2 times around the Earth) visiting Wolf Star Technologies customers, and on each and every trip I have traveled with my Razor scooter to demonstrate our TRUE-LOAD™ software!
I'm also pleased to say I have never fallen down!"
"Many say I am an engineer to the core –
I prefer to think of myself as an inventor. As an inventor I’m not always creating something new, rather I am searching for new possibilitie to advance existing thinking and technologies. I have the ability to look at how things need to work and how to bridge from the current state to the needed solution. My True-Load™ software is one such invention.”
“One of my favorite programming languages is Python. An important goal of Python’s developers is keeping it fun to use. This is reflected in the language’s name (a nod to the British comedy troupe Monty Python) and in occasionally playful approaches to tutorials and reference materials, such as examples that refer to spam and eggs (from a famous Monty Python sketch) instead of the standard foo and bar. As you might imagine I am a huge Monty Python fan as well!”
"My superpower is Creative Thinking! I'm not an artist or a designer or even an engineer – but I am a natural born problem solver. My past 10 years working alonside Wolf Star Technologies founder Tim Hunter has given me the opportunity to uncover and build relationships with customers across the globe."
“After raising 3 kids in a holistic way, I am fully committed to the value of growing our own food and creating a healthy community.

In 2014 I decided to combine these beliefs with greater action and became a board member for Victory Garden Initiative, a nonprofit in the Milwaukee area. Today, as Chairman of the Board, I am honored to guide a passionate team of staff and volunters dedicated to connecting people to growing their own food and the communities we serve.”
“You might call me a “shape shifter” based on the evolutionary path of my career. I have been a pastry chef, a sous chef, and opened, managed and trained staff at restaurants in Beverly Hills. I have been an executive recruiter (for engineers no less), the president of a non-profit and built and sold commercial real estate.

Along the way I honed my skills and talents: observation and awareness to build systems, confidence and communication to lead and mentor and a unique perspective for problem solving. My role at Wolf Star Technologies has allowed me to bring all of these skills together to create a thoughtful, detailed customer experience with a supportive, growth oriented team.”
“My favorite hobby is home renovation… everything from a complete gut to interior décor (I land somewhere between Chip and Joanna Gaines). I love to use classics and what I already have, and leave “spendy & trendy”  in the dust. I have every tool imaginable – my favorites are my 2” angled Purdy paint brush and Ryobi Sawzall.”
“I think of my choice in professions as “engineering found me” rather than me finding engineering. I didn’t come from a long lineage of engineers. I love math and geometry, and the idea of designing and building something nobody else ever has.

As a kid, rather than wanting all of the newest toys – I loved spending my time designing and building cardboard forts, every detail mattered.”
“I enjoy outdoor gardening and creating outdoor spaces for tranquility. I can’t get an indoor plant to thrive to save my life. But Mother Earth is my favorite art media.

There is something about the way being outside engages all of my senses – tending to my garden is very calming and allows me to get my hands dirty and tap into another aspect of
my creativity.”
“I love making an impact in people’s lives. In addition to my role at Wolf Star Technologies I am also an Ambassador for Noonday Collection, a business that creates sustainable, fair trade, jewelry and accessories made by Artisan partners across the globe. This role allows me to be a stylist, a storyteller and a social entrepreneur – all while helping to create flourishing communities across the globe.”
“I love to bake, it helps me to clear my mind and is one of my
favorite ways to
express my creativity. Cooking and baking
also provide life lessons that go well beyond taste including joy, connection, calm, confidence, focus
and reward.

Baking has always fascinated me. Not only because I love the flavors, but also because I love to prepare food for others. Cookies are my favorite thing to bake – they are always delicious and easy to share.”
“No matter how you define it, I am the perfect example of someone who is truly ‘multicultural.’
I’m proud of my mixed heritage - a blend of Peruvian on my father’s side and American on my mother’s. The combination of these two very different cultures is an important part of who I am.

Throughout my life I have traveled to Peru to visit my father’s family, with each visit I found myself completely immersed in the community. These unique experiences have impacted me in countless ways and have expanded my world view; the way I think, perceive, behave, and respond is shaped by
my “multicultural mind.”
“You might have guessed that Tim Hunter is my dad. He has been an amazing role model and teacher throughout my entire life. When I was nine years old he taught me HTML and we built a website together that featured our cats.

We’re both cat
lovers, too.”
“Sci-Fi shows and movies are some of my favorite forms of entertainment. They offer plenty of action and suspense and a simple enough plot to engage those looking for casual entertainment. But science fiction also prods us to ask deep philosophical questions and allows us to imagine the unimaginable.

I often find myself asking ‘what if that were really possible?.’ It’s really not too far fetched to think that one day we will be able to teleport, time travel or break the speed of light to visit other star systems. Human innovation really is boundless.”
Tim Hunter and Susie Ralston have been friends for over 25 years. They were both officers on the board of a non-profit together and their children practically grew up together.

When Tim decided to create his own company 10 years ago; four months later he hired
Susie as the Business Development Manager – and together they formed the leadership team
at Wolf Star Technologies. Partners and clients often refer to them as “The Dynamic Duo”
due to their extraordinary synergy!
The Wolf Star leadership team of Tim Hunter and Susie Ralston, don’t just talk the talk when it comes to environmental issues, they also walk the walk. Tim and Susie each drive EVs (with hybrid back-up) and are committed to all actions toward reducing environmental impact.

From the use of solar-power to growing food year round in his greenhouse, Tim is always on the lookout for ways to proactively reduce his carbon footprint and invest in a more sustainable future.
Scientific Ph.D. dissertations are notoriously difficult to explain. For the annual “Dance Your Ph.D.” competition, scientists are invited to film an interpretive dance illustrating their research.

In 2013, Dr. Tim Hunter took home the top prize for the physics category. The fancy footwork wasn’t just done by Tim, Wolf Star’s very own Susie Ralston was also featured in the video as one of the Equations of Motion Dancers.
See the full 7 minute video is available here:
Tim and Susie BOTH have been practicing ballet for many years. Ballet is much more than just a style of dance, it can be equated to a growth mindset and has benefits that extend well beyond physical strength. Things like discipline, focus, a strong work ethic, attention to detail, language comprehension (ballet is taught in French), and commitment.

Much like entrepreneurs (Tim and Susie both fit in this category as well), dancers build upon a framework and add creativity – with continuous improvement as the goal.
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