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Emily Bertran

Business Development & Marketing Support Specialist


As Business Development and Marketing Support Specialist, I actively support the sales effort by leveraging my skills of strategic thinking, creative research, and effective lead development in a complex, global market. 

My customer service focused background helps me bring value to our customers, support the sales cycle and grow the presence of our software technology to engineers all over the world. I thoroughly enjoy learning about the world of mechanical engineering/product development and am committed to the growth of our company, Wolf Star Technologies! 

Annie Hunter

Annie Hunter Technology & Design


As Software Consultant for Wolf Star Technologies, I support the growth and development of the True-Load software suite. I work systematically and creatively to make this powerful software increasingly accessible and useful for clients. I also design and develop the Wolf Star Technologies web presence.


I have a diverse background including training in visual arts, scientific research, and computer technology. Such training helps me to approach projects from many angles and create elegant, streamlined results. This directly improves the customer experience at Wolf Star Technologies because client requests and workflow optimization are top software and web development priorities.

Software Consultant