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Susie Ralston
Global Business Development Manager

Timothy Hunter, Ph.D., P.E. Wolf Star Technologies

As president and founder of Wolf Star Technologies, LLC, Dr. Hunter has created a first to market software (True-Load) which brings critical understanding loading on complex structures. 


Dr. Hunter has a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics and is considered a world authority on Structural Analysis. He enjoys leading and mentoring others in finding solutions to product development problems. He brings a fresh perspective and expertise that moves stalled projects and accelerates product launches. Dr. Hunter has been described as being able to “look into the matrix” and see the solutions to structural analysis problems. While he may not be Neo, he has the ability to look at how engineering tools need to work and how to bridge from the current state to the needed solution. 


The tools from Wolf Star Technologies, through Dr. Hunter’s vision, extend the capabilities of FEA software to answer the true needs of the product engineer: “What are my loads?”; “Where is the best place to lay strain gauges?”; “What is the best shape?”; “How long will my product last?”  He is able to combine education and experience with the strengths of commercial Finite Element Analysis software with his team at Wolf Star Technologies to deliver general purpose software that answers these questions. Dr. Hunter finds this to be a truly an exciting and rewarding endeavor. 


Dr. Hunter’s work experience includes 22 years at Harley-Davidson, where he led a group of 70 engineers, designers and managers.  He had exposure and responsibility for every aspect of the product development process; every model of motorcycle leaving Harley-Davidson in production during his tenure has had his direct influence, from the frame and swingarm to nearly every gas tank and fender.


He met his wife, Ceal, while attending Marquette University as an undergrad.  He was the crazy engineer who loved his studies but also took a full load of dance classes through the theater department. He has been married for over 30 years and has two grown daughters who are well on their way in technical careers. 

Timothy G. Hunter, Ph.D., P.E.

Susie Ralston Wolf Star Technologies

As Business Development Manager for Wolf Star Technologies, I am deeply committed to what our company offers and will do what ever it takes to make things happen! From years of experience in Real Estate, Management Recruiting and Sales, I bring a proven track record of success in developing new business, account management, facilitating the sales process in a professional, efficient and customer focused manner. I think strategically, build rapport quickly, communicate effectively and find solutions creatively.

I started working with engineers as a successful Executive Recruiter working on behalf of some of the top manufactures in the Midwest. Tim and I have served together on the Board of Trustees for a developing non-profit institution, myself as President and Tim as Treasurer. Tim and I have known each other for a long time and he recognized that my skill set and experience were just what he needed to help bring his state of the art technology and consulting expertise to the global market! 

Like Tim, I have a love of Dance. I dance almost daily. This is where I get my energy and creative ideas for business development, problem solving, and effective communication.

Susie Ralston
Global Business Development Manager

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