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Trek Bicycles

The implementation of the Abaqus / True-Load process increases
Trek’s knowledge of loading environments and aligns with Trek’s
history of innovation and reliability.

Jay Maas, Analysis Engineer at TREK BICYCLE COMPANY

CNH Industrial

By using True-Load software to recreate time-varying field loads

and applying those loads to our simulation models, we have achieved exceptional correlation between simulated strain and measured test strain. This accuracy combined with the ability to use True-QSE to evaluate the entire structure has greatly improved confidence in

designs validated through simulation. The end result is fewer

design and test iterations.

– David Slowinski, Design Analysis at CNH INDUSTRIAL

Determining loading functions that are representative of real life to simulate the structural response of a new lawnmower chassis concept would be guesswork without True-Load.  The seamless interface between Abaqus/CAE, fe-safe, and True-Load make determining the structural integrity of new designs a fast, accurate, easy process.

– Aleysha Juntunen, Engineering Analyst at ARIENS


The True-Load process addresses all of our current shortcomings by bridging the gap between test and analysis functions - bringing them together, working towards a common goal.

- Current Customer

I think True-Load is a really powerful tool and would like to see us get some more global licenses as we identify more opportunities for application

- Current Customer

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