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Advanced cutting-edge simulation should be safely accessible to everyone – not just the experts. Democratized Simulation makes analysis more powerful and capable for CAE experts while accessible, safe and reliable for non-experts. 

Wolf Star Technology’s customers come from a very diverse set of industries.  Rev-Sim is one of the few places on the web that bring diverse solutions and applications together.  In this community engineers can be exposed to many ways of solving problems.  Wolf Star Technology’s unique True-Load suite of software provides engineers with tools to simulate reality.  Being able to realistically simulate the operating environment gives engineers the ability leverage more expansive simulation domains.  Rev-Sim is the place where engineers can learn about these solutions.


At Six D we believe that all companies, regardless of size, should have access to proven engineering, testing, and analysis knowledge, best practices, solutions, and resources to solve unique and complex mechanical engineering challenges.

At Wolf Star Technologies we are very excited to have SixDOF Testing & Analysis (6D) as our partner.  6D Testing brings decades of experience in automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, and many other domains of testing.  They have broad and deep knowledge in experimental vibration, rotating machinery, modal, structural, and validation testing.  Especially with their strengths in strain measurement, 6D Testing will help bring a complete solution to our customers.  6D strain gauge testing expertise and the strengths of True-Load will make even the most complex projects easy to execute.

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