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True-LDE, Linear Dynamic Events Software, Load Calculation
True-Load, True Load, Load Calculation Software
True-QSE, Quasi-Static Event Software, Load Calculation

True-Load Basic (2 Days)
Learn how to turn ordinary FEA models into Load Transducers. Understand when this approach is valid and not valid. The course goes through several product based examples. The course can be tailored using your product.

True-LDE (1 Day)
Learn how to quickly post process Linear Dynamic FEA. This course will cover examples using *MODAL DYNAMIC, *STEADY STATAMIC and *RANDOM RESPONSE. Beyond standard post processing and operating deflection shapes, the course will introduce fatigue evaluation using dynamics and the importance of time based fatigue from frequency domain FEA solutions.

True-QSE (1/2 Day)
Learn how to set up Quasi-Static Events with FEA models. Understand when this approach is valid and not valid. Course culminates with introducing methodology to extend the technique to linear dynamic modal superposition.

True-Load Advanced:  Sliding Loads, Hybrid Loading, Contact Control (1 Day)
Prerequisite: True-Load Basic
Learn how to apply the advanced features of True-Load™ to problems that have advanced scenarios of loading such as construction booms, suspension, fork lifts, elevators, tracekd vehicles etc. This class will show how to set up and interpret advanced load scenarios.

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